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Gulfstream Aerospace G550

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Scenic Charter Scenic Charter

Charter ID Charter Title
P001 Around the World
P002 U.N. World Tour
P003 Great Australian Air Rally (G.A.A.R.)  Scenic Charter
P004 Angel Flight (Medical) - U.S.A. & Canada
P005 Angel Flight Australia
P006 All Operation Eastwind Events
P007 Volunteer Pilots - Northeast USA
P008 Pilots Fly Life Line - Midwest USA
P009 International Disaster Relief - Medical Personnel Airlift
P010 International Non emergency Medical
P011 International Short Distance Search and Rescue
P012 Royal Flying Doctors of Australia
P013 Remote Area Medical Flights & Expeditions
P014 Country Leaders, Celebrities, Business Executives, VIP's  Scenic Charter
P015 Individuals, Families, & Tour Groups - Anywhere to Anywhere  Scenic Charter
P016 Worldwide Executive Helicopter Service  Scenic Charter
P017 College Football Games
P018 Essential Air Service Charter
P019 Delivery of Bombardier Aircraft to WWA Headquarters
P020 Miss America Pageant, Travels to Appearance Events, & Rose Bowl Parade
P021 Southern Hemisphere Tour
P022 Small Aircraft Flying Club  Scenic Charter
P023 All Major & Minor League Baseball Games, All Star Games, Playoffs, World Series
P024 Under Construction - Not available at this time
P025 Bahamas Med-Evac VFR
P026 Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
P027 National Football League Games & Post Season Playoffs
P028 National Football League Super Bowl
P029 Boeing Aircraft Deliveries
P030 Canadian Fishing (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P031 Ski Western U.S.  Scenic Charter
P032 Ski British Columbia & Alberta, Canada  Scenic Charter
P033 Helicopters to Hawaiian Islands VFR  Scenic Charter
P034 All Olympics, Para-, Special- & 2012 United Kingdom Summer Olympic Games  Scenic Charter
P035 NATO Charter
P036 Baltics Business Charter
P037 Malta
P038 Malta Tours VFR  Scenic Charter
P039 S. Miguel Island , Azores
P040 Buying Trips for African Coffee
P041 Pico Truncado Project (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P042 NASCAR Races
P043 OPEC Conferences
P044 Military Tours
P045 World's Tallest Bridge at Millau, France  Scenic Charter
P046 Brazil National Assembly
P047 Exchange Study Program to / from 50 Countries
P048 Indy Car Races
P049 NHL and AHL Games, Playoffs, & Finals
P050 Men's & Women's College Basketball Games, NIT, & NCAA March Madness
P051 NBA Games, All-Star, Finals, & Championship
P052 Chicago Helicopter Charters VFR  Scenic Charter
P053 Key West Bridge Inspections or Tours  Scenic Charter
P054 Air Shows - U.S. & International
P055 Fly Around the U.S.A.  Scenic Charter
P056 Archeological Site in Turkey
P057 National Forest Service (NFS) Fire Fighting Service VFR Recon Flights  Scenic Charter
P058 Under Construction - Not available at this time
P059 Asian Youth Games
P060 Canadian Native Art and Culture Study Program
P061 Niagara Falls VFR  Scenic Charter
P062 Cleveland Medical & Helo Service
P063 National Hot Rod Association Races
P064 New Orleans
P065 Emergency Medical to Mass. General VFR - Helicopter  Scenic Charter
P066 Scientists to Mt. Rainier VFR - Helicopter  Scenic Charter
P067 Medical Evacuation from Mt. Rainier, WA. - VFR - Helicopter  Scenic Charter
P068 PGA, LPGA, Pro-Am, & Tournaments and Golf Vacations Worldwide
P069 Madeira Island (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P070 Hiking Tracks of Fiorland, NZ VFR  Scenic Charter
P071 Canadian Hunting Expedition VFR  Scenic Charter
P072 Veterinarian Specialist Dr. Oats to St. Louis
P073 National Agricultural Center
P074 Henry Ford Museum & Automotive Hall of Fame
P075 Thanksgiving Day Parades - Macy's in New York City or East Texas in Houston or ?  Scenic Charter
P076 Burger King Executive Charter
P077 Russian Treasures Tour
P078 Catalina Island, California, part VFR  Scenic Charter
P079 Maine Hideaway VFR  Scenic Charter
P080 Antiques Roadshow  Scenic Charter
P081 Virtual Jay Leno
P082 New Airbus from Hamburg, Germany
P083 Singing the Blues Music in Memphis
P084 Hawaii - The Big Island (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P085 Kauai - Garden Island (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P086 Lanai - The Place to Relax (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P087 Maui - The Valley Isle (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P088 Molokai - The Untouched Island (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P089 Oahu - The International Island (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P090 Hawaiian Islands - Inter Island Tours  Scenic Charter
P091 UEFA Champion League Competition Team and PAX Transport
P092 UK to / from Portugal
P093 Berlin Philharmonic
P094 Caribbean/Central America Cigar Factory Tour
P095 All Cycling Events & Races Worldwide, including the Tour de France  Scenic Charter
P096 International Publisher
P097 International Stamp and Postal History Shows
P098 Under Construction - Not available at this time
P099 Shuttle between Airbus Facilities
P100 Marion Jayne Air Race VFR  Scenic Charter
P101 U.S. Secret Service
P102 Deliver ATR 72-500 FR to WWA Hub or HQ
P103 International Celebrity in the News
P104 U2’s 360 Degrees Tour
P105 Formula 1 Race Team & Fans (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P106 Ski Australia’s Snowy Mountains (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P107 Disneyland California (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P108 Disney World, Florida (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P109 Disneyland, Paris (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P110 Disneyland, Tokyo (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P111 Disneyland, Hong Kong (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P112 Deliver New WestWind Aircraft
P113 U.S. Ski Jump Team
P114 The Late Show
P115 Alaska to Hawaii Tourist Charter
P116 Russian Engineers’ Conferences
P117 Sapporo Snow Festival
P118 Cruise Side Trips (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P119 Tour U. S. State Capitals, Washington D.C., Canadian Province Capitals & Ottawa  Scenic Charter
P120 Coasta Rica Campanario Biological Reserve or Sailfish Adventure VFR  Scenic Charter
P121 Natural Wonders of the World Tour  Scenic Charter
P122 Under construction.
P123 Bluefin Tuna Run (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P124 Billabong Pro Surfing in Tahiti & Surfer's Dream all year (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P125 Praia da Vila, Brazil (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P126 Bali Surfing (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P127 Surfing Margaret River, Australia (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P128 Surfing the Bay of Biscay, France (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P129 Marrakech, Marocco
P130 Golden Circle (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P131 Arena of Verona
P132 Skeleton Coast, Africa  Scenic Charter
P133 Venezuela Oil
P134 French Chef Piere' La Fontaine
P135 Heiress Jacqueline Dubois trip options in France, Europe, or worldwide.  Scenic Charter
P136 Professor Von Hanstiedel
P137 Designer de Prima
P138 In Search of Nessie  Scenic Charter
P139 Cruise Ship Passenger(s) Return Home Early
P140 Trips to Cuba for Business or Pleasure  Scenic Charter
P141 The Senorita's Portrait  Scenic Charter
P142 El Boatel
P143 Villa de Fontanarossa
P144 Spanish Lights
P145 The Tommy Knockers
P146 Enjoy Scenic South! - Central America Coastal Loop
P147 Deliver Embraer Aircraft to Denver Maintenance Center
P148 Scientists’ Flight VFR  Scenic Charter
P149 In Flight Entertainment Maintenance and GPS upgrades, Orlando Melbourne, FL
P150 Research Trip (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P151 Caribbean Island Sightseeing Tour (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P152 Iguazú Falls (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P153 Under Construction - Not available at this time
P154 Grand Canyon Tours VFR  Scenic Charter
P155 Horse Racing
P156 Study Abroad
P157 U.S. Ski Team
P158 Ski Colorado  Scenic Charter
P159 Yellowstone Tours VFR  Scenic Charter
P160 Galapagos Island Turtle Expedition (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P161 Birdsville Races - Horse Racing
P162 Volcano Charters (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P163 Kokoda Track VFR  Scenic Charter
P164 Panama Canal Fly Over VFR  Scenic Charter
P165 International Domestic Executive Express
P166 Shinkannsen Train Track Inspection – VFR  Scenic Charter
P167 Pacific Forum
P168 Fishing Trips - Australia & New Zealand VFR  Scenic Charter
P169 Under construction.
P170 Local Night Sightseeing anywhere in the world - see the city lights  Scenic Charter
P171 Perito Moreno Glacier Tour (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P172 Peruvian Rainforest (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P173 Asian Business
P174 Around Australia VFR  Scenic Charter
P175 Japanese Festivals
P176 Middle East Tourism  Scenic Charter
P177 Middle East Diplomacy
P178 Tour Historic Israel
P179 Middle Eastern Oil
P180 Mt. Everest Tour
P181 Mille Lac Lake, MN. (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P182 Jackson Lake & Yellowstone Lake (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P183 Red Rock Resevoir & Rathburn Lake, Iowa (Part VFR)  Scenic Charter
P184 The Ivories in Sweden or Worldwide
P185 Historic Tours of England Trip 001 VFR  Scenic Charter
P186 Thames River Patrol VFR  Scenic Charter
P187 Historic Tours of England Trip 002 VFR  Scenic Charter
P188 North for the Lion
P189 Sir Randolph circles to the left VFR  Scenic Charter
P190 Chess Lessons
P191 Aerial Rescue near Mersea Island VFR  Scenic Charter
P192 Aerial Observations Downtown London VFR  Scenic Charter
P193 India Software Meetings
P194 Diego Garcia Run
P195 India to Africa via the Islands
P196 Persian Gulf Delivery
P197 Arena Football League
P198 Under construction
P199 Under Construction
P200 The Great Mississippi River VFR  Scenic Charter
P201 WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
P202 WWE International
P203 Fishing in the Wild West VFR  Scenic Charter
P204 The Red Center, Australia VFR  Scenic Charter
P205 Wine Country Getaway
P206 U.S. Presidential Campaign Stops
P207 Saba Diving & Climbing Expeditions VFR  Scenic Charter
P208 Ocean City Sky Tours VFR  Scenic Charter
P209 United States Congress
P210 Timbuktu Express
P211 Fishing in the Congo
P212 Historic Charter Circa 2007 - Joe Walsh Summer
P213 Mexican Premier Division Futbol
P214 Primera División de Argentina Futbol
P215 Viva Chile
P216 Shuttle and Drop Smokejumpers & Forest Fire Damage Assessment VFR  Scenic Charter
P217 Under Construction - Not available at this time
P219 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
P220 WestWind Stockholder Africa Extravaganza
P221 Bridge Inspections
P222 Expedition Groups to Belem, Brazil
P223 Aid Workers to Sao Joaquim Do Ituquara
P224 Bassmaster Tournaments
P225 Florida Keys Seaplane Tourist Charters  Scenic Charter
P226 Sydney Helicopter Tours West - Blue Mountains VFR  Scenic Charter
P227 Brisbane Helicopter Tours VFR
P228 Helicopter Tour of the Bay - Melbourne VFR
P229 AFL Grand Final Charter VFR helicopter
P230 Flights for Anyone to $ Gambling $ Spots $
P231 Glacier Observations
P232 Department of Energy Inspections
P233 Retail Executives Christmas Tour
P234 Himalayan Sightseeing VFR
P235 Fishing in the Himalayas VFR
P236 Virtual Steve Miller Band
P237 West Coast VFR Tour
P238 Iron Maiden Tour
P239 Milford Sound, NZ Float Plane Tour (VFR)  Scenic Charter
P240 New Zealand Crickett
P241 International Cricket
P242 Seattle Area Fishing (VFR)  Scenic Charter
P243 U.S. East Coast Tour (VFR )  Scenic Charter
P244 Tahiti to Tahoe in the Goose
P245 International Men’s & Women’s Tennis
P246 Andes Charter  Scenic Charter
P247 vMetallica Tour
P248 Deliver Aircraft to/from Cessna Maintenance Facility
P249 Gulf Coast VFR Tour
P250 Africa Tour
P251 Asia Tour
P252 Europe Tour
P253 Central and South America Tour
P254 Oceania Tour
P255 All Inclusive Caribbean Island Adventure  Scenic Charter
P256 Fly to Lake Michigan Island
P257 Great Lakes VFR Tour  Scenic Charter
P258 Ski Charter (Europe)
P259 UEFA Today
P260 vZLA Pilot Certification
P261 vCrue Tour
P262 Deliver Retired Aircraft to Victorville Boneyard
P263 Canadian Oil/Natural Gas fields (Helicopter)
P264 Six Flags Amusement Park Tour
P265 Historic Charter Circa 2012 - United Kingdom Summer Olympic Games
P266 “Southern Preservation” Re-creation Flight
P267 Scuba Diving Adventures
P268 Around the World in a Single Engine Plane  Scenic Charter
P269 Montana Hunting Trips (VFR)  Scenic Charter
P270 The Wonders of the World
P271 Equestrian Owners Charter
P272 Keeping an eye on Kenya’s Wildlife (VFR)  Scenic Charter
P273 Middle East Oil Inspections
P274 Mediterranean Three-Island Hop  Scenic Charter
P275 Rock of Gibraltar
P276 NCAA Football D1 & 1AA College Campus Tour
P277 Virtual Southern African Development Community
P278 Northern Canada Medical and Supplies
P279 New Zealand Volcano Expedition  Scenic Charter
P280 Hub Hoppin
P281 Studying the Sahel
P282 Bankers Express
P283 Arabian Horse Owners
P284 Around the World in a Twin Engine Prop Plane
P285 Confederations Cup
P286 Dubai Metro Construction
P287 Hub Hopping West Coast  Scenic Charter
P289 Broadband to East Africa
P290 Under Construction
P291 International Camel Derby and Festival
P292 Thanksgiving Weekend Bike Trail Tour
P293 Fly the Brazilian President to Peru
P294 Explore Galapagos  Scenic Charter
P295 NCAA Baskteball Campus Tour
P296 Explore the Andes
P297 Team McLaren Winter Testing
P298 Ford Worldwide Charters
P299 Operatic Overtures
P300 Titanic Tours  Scenic Charter
P301 Under Construction - Not available at this time
P302 U.S. Major League Soccer
P303 International Soccer - 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
P304 Summer Hub Hoppin Canada's West Coast 2010  Scenic Charter
P305 Mali Education Improvement Project
P306 Scenic Tour of Senegal  Scenic Charter
P307 European DJ's & Summer Getaways
P308 Mediterranean Cuisine
P309 Extreme Airport Tour  Scenic Charter
P310 Monsoon Madness Tour
P311 Under Construction - This charter is not available
P312 Tour Of The Philipines
P313 U.S.A. Boat Shows
P314 U.S.A. Motorcycle Shows
P315 U.S.A. Car Shows
P316 U.S.A. Truck Shows
P317 Chilean Miners Public Visits
P319 Fear of flying  Scenic Charter
P321 Historic Charter Circa 2011 - Summer Hub Hoppin'  Scenic Charter
P322 Apple Ski Charters
P323 New Zealand Ski Field Adventures  Scenic Charter
P324 Christmas In Tahiti
P325 Geologic Research Adventures
P326 United Nations Humanitarian Air Services
P327 League of Arab States
P328 Shell & Exxon European Oil Worker Transport
P329 In the footsteps of Saint Paul
P330 Turkish Wine Tour
P331 Central America Volcano Assignment
P332 Asia/Pacific: April Charter of the Month
P333 MDS Logistics Distribution Centers
P334 Tian Shan Exploration  Scenic Charter
P335 Giro d'Italia Tour Stops - VFR  Scenic Charter
P336 Cedar Point Excursion
P338 Central & South American Exotic Photo Shoot
P339 Lets Go to the Races  Scenic Charter
P340 Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition
P341 Medivac - Bolivia
P342 UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
P343 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Danger
P344 Living Dangerously in Peru
P345 Aviation Museum Tour
P346 Summer Hub Hoppin' -- Toronto
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