Operation EastWind VII
Earthquake Relief in Nepal

A special Thank You to our gracious supporters of Operation EastWind VII
Sponsors to be confirmed.

Dates: To be confirmed

Destination: Kathmandu - Nepal

Participating Hubs: To Be Confirmed

EastWind Routes

Stage 1: To be confirmed

Stage 2: To be confirmed

Stage 3: To be confirmed

Stage 4: To be confirmed

Eastwind VII Pilot Handbook - work in progress

Information on Feeder Routes in Netal - work in progress

Eastwind VII Flight Logs

Last Year's Operation EastWind VI Page

A few words...

Welcome pilots! EastWind VII is finally here. This year we will be assisting in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal. Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

All EastWind VII flights can be flown either online or offline, however it is much more fun to fly with others! We do ask that if you fly any leg of an Operation Eastwind event you do it in the specified time period and when you log your flight make sure you select "Cargo Charter" for the Purpose of Flight and select "Eastwind VII" for the Event.

ScreenShots Needed!

As we do each year, we will upload your photos to our EastWind VII events screenshots page. Please post your best screenshots on the Eastwind V - Screenshots forum on the Westwind Forums. These screenshots will then be put on the main screenshots page.
EastWind screenshots only please!

Please include the following information in the post:
1. Your Name and pilot number.
2. EastWind route you were flying (ex. VHHH-ZSPD).
3. Approx aircraft location (if possible).
4. Any other information you would like to mention about the screen shot.
5. Feel free to submit multiple screenshots and don't worry about size we'll conform them to a standard in photoshop.

Event Background

Six years ago we introduced an event called "Operation EastWind" to simulate helping the people of Zimbabwe with the Cholera Epidemic. It was a multi-hub event consisting of Toronto and Frankfurt that ended up drawing a lot of support and participation from the WestWind pilots.

In year two we decided to host a similar event in which we simulated helping Sudan with food and water shortages, and again we saw large participation from our dedicated pilots.

In year 3 we changed the format a bit to host a tour of Asia’s most dangerous and interesting airports.

In year 4, we helped Eastern Turkey which was badly damaged due to an earthquake not long before.

Last year, year 5, we helped the Sahel region of Africa suffering from multiple continuos Humanitarian and Political crises'.

Well it looks like the brand of "Operation Eastwind" is here to stay as we get ready for year six. This year we will once again help with a humanitarian mission; to help the Philipinness which is continuing to rebuild after the devastation from Typhoon Haiyan last year.

This event will be held over 5 weeks. One week will be spent in Tokyo, another in Hong Kong, another getting all our cargo from Hong Kong and Tokyo to Cebu and finally two weeks spent at Cebu and Tacloban distributing cargo to the surrounding area.

Pilots will face challenges of getting into small airports, short approaches, barren terrain and more whether flying passengers or cargo in small propeller planes or the largest super-wide body jets!

So pack your bags and join us in Tokyo for for the launch of "Operation EastWind VI" from May 19th - June 20th, 2014! See you in the skies!

Current Flights

No active flights

Who Do We Want Involved?

Everybody Whatever your rank, whatever your hub, we want you!!! These are some flights we recommend for each category, however you are free to fly whatever route you want as long as you don’t break any rules!!!

How do we want it done?

You can fly it either online or offline, we don’t mind. Just remember to be there by the deadline and make sure you put “Operation Eastwind VI” as your purpose of flight when filing with the flight dispatch system and if you are flying on VATSIM, put it in your VATSIM comments too.
This year we also have some Rules and Regulations. Pilots are not allowed to operate anything larger than a Narrow-Body aircraft on flights during Week 1 and 2 from Tokyo and Hong Kong.


Need any help or have any problems or questions? Please direct them to :

Event Coordinator: Eoin Coates
Executive Vice President, Online Ops & Events: John Condon
Director Online Ops & Events: Rob Wilkinson
Director of Events: Scott McGougan

Watch the Operation Eastwind forum for more information and to talk about the event.


Thanks to the everyone involved in voting and discussing our bases this year!

Paul Reitman for developing all our operations in Philipiness!

Ed Bleck for creating the custom Eastwind scenery!

George Forster and Kostis Zagganas for web site support!

Thomas Conley for creating our logo!

Rob Wilkinson, Eoin Coates and John Condon for organising the event!

Scott McGougan for creating the Ops Manual and planning the event!

Wiek Schoenmakers for helping in the African legs of the event.

Mike Spina and the marketing team for publicising the event.

Most importantly All pilots who participate - you are who make these events what they are!
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