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Atlanta Hartsfield - Jackson Airport Parking

Atlanta Hartsfield has no "calm-wind" runway procedure.
Passenger Parking Gates A1-A27 located on RAMP 1
Cargo Parking S Parking 1-5 located on South Cargo Ramp.
Carter Parking Gates W1 - W8, located on RAMP 20.

(Posted 1/1/2019)


Ensure your AIRAC are up to date:
Current AIRAC cycle is 1907 Rev 1, June 20,2019 to July 17,2019.

(Posted 1/1/2019)

Hub Stats, June. 2019

KATL Hub hours for the month of June 2019, 373.4 Hours.

New Hires
Victor Leonard Del Popolo WWA3605

Pilot Promotions
Cory Robinson WWA1813 to Command Captain
Rasheed Kilani WWA3603 to Cat IV
Dallas Manning WWA3602 to Cat IV

Pilot Recognition Award
Al Stallbaumer WWA107, 100 Hours in one Month 108.4
Al Stallbaumer WWA107, 100 Hours in Aircraft Type C172
Mike Jones WWA3381, 75 Hours in one Month 90.6
Rasheed Kilani WWA3603, 75 Hours in one Month 76.0
Cory Robinson WWA1813, 25 Hours in one Month 35.3
Cory Robinson WWA1813, 12 Years of WestWind Service
Jim Short WWA3191, 25 Hours in one Month 29.2
Jim Short WWA3191, 100 Hours in Aircraft Type B717

Top Passenger Pilot
Rasheed Kilani WWA3603 with 3,562 Passengers carried.
Jim Short WWA3191 with 1,492 Passengers carried.
Dallas Manning WWA3602 with 170 Passengers carried.
Christopher Dameron WWA3575 with 112 Passengers carried.
Cory Robinson WWA 1813 with 111 Passengers carried.
David Midgett WWA3599 with 102 Passengers carried.
Victor Leonard Del Popolo WWA3605 with 59 Passengers carried.

Top Cargo Pilot
Mike Jones WWA3381 carried 2,456,575 lbs of cargo.
Cory Robinson WWA1813 carried 644,279 lbs of cargo.
Rasheed Kilani WWA3603 carried 52,810 lbs of cargo.
Dallas Manning WWA3602 carried 4,983 lbs of cargo.

Charter Pilots Report
Al Stallbaumer WWA107 with 108.1 Charter Hours.
Dallas Manning WWA3602 with 10.4 Charter Hours.
Cory Robinson WWA1813 with 4.5 Charter Hours.
David Midgett WWA3599, with 3.3 Charter Hours.

On-line Pilots
Rasheed Kilani WWA3603 with 69.0 Vatsim Hours.
Dallas Manning WWA3602 with 12.4 Vatsim Hours.
Victor Leonardo Del Popolo WWA3605 with 4.7 Vatsim Hours.
Christopher Dameron WWA3575 with 2.1 Vatsim Hours.

Notice to all KATL Pilot's: Please log flight hours on the day you make the flight.
Flight logged after the 1st of the month will not show until next months report.
Also check your log on the flights you have completed, I do add remarks.

FYI: WestWind does have a Facebook Page.

(Posted 5/30/2017)

Hub Stats and Reports

Hub Management

Al Stallbaumer HM KATL, Hub Manager

Assistant Hub Manager Wanted…

Open Flight Dispatches

Click on callsign to view pilot's flight log

Date Callsign Name Hub Purpose Flight # From To Dep Arr Aircraft
7/16/2019 WWA3602 Dallas Manning KATL Charter-Passenger KBHM KCLT TBA TBA B737
7/16/2019 WWA3191 Jim Short KATL Passenger WWA8510B KSDF KATL 1300 1500 DHC8
7/16/2019 WWA3599 David Midgett KATL Passenger WWA10380A CYYZ KBNA 1700 1900 CRJ2

Active Pilots

Click on Pilot ID Number to view flight log.  Update Location

Pilot # Pilot Name Rating Awards Hours Location
WWA107 Al Stallbaumer HM KATL Senior Command Captain+11 6,835.6 Kushiro Airport, Kushiro, Hokkaidō, Japan (RJCK)
WWA1698 Bill Peterson Senior Command Captain+4 3,021.9 Cherry Capital Airport, Traverse City, Michigan, USA (KTVC)
WWA3381 Mike Jones Senior Command Captain+3 2,750.2 London Heathrow, London, England, United Kingdom (EGLL)
WWA3191 Jim Short Senior Command Captain+2 2,375.2 Louisville International Airport-Standiford Field, Louisville, Kentucky, USA (KSDF)
WWA1400 Bob Dalman Command Captain 788.1 Asheville Regional Airport, Asheville, North Carolina, USA (KAVL)
WWA3575 Christopher Dameron Command Captain 582.2 Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (KMSY)
WWA1813 Cory Robinson Command Captain 537.6 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL)
WWA3602 Dallas Manning Cat IV   179.6 Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, Birmingham, Alabama, USA (KBHM)
WWA3603 Rasheed Kilani Cat IV 165.7 Istanbul Airport Havalimani, Istanbul Arnavutkoy, Istanbul, Turkey (LTFM)
WWA3599 David Midgett Cat II   38.8 Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CYTZ)
WWA3605 Victor Leonardo Del Pópolo Cat II   28.1 El Dorado International Airport, Bogota, Colombia (SKBO)
Total Hours 17,302.9  
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