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Atlanta Hartsfield - Jackson Airport Parking

Atlanta Hartsfield has no "calm-wind" runway procedure.
Passenger Parking Gates A1-A27 located on RAMP 1
Cargo Parking S Parking 1-5 located on South Cargo Ramp.
Carter Parking Gates W1 - W8, located on RAMP 20.

(Posted 6/21/2018)


Ensure your AIRAC are up to date:
Current AIRAC cycle is 1807 Rev 1, June. 21,2018 to July. 18,2018.

(Posted 6/30/2017)

Hub Stats, June 2018

KATL Hub hours for the month of June 2018, 251.0 Hours.

New Hires

Pilot Promotions
Christopher Dameron WWA3575 to Cat IV

Pilot Recognition Award
Mike Jones WWA3381, 75 Hours in one Month 79.9
Al Stallbaumer WWA107, 50 Hours in one Month 68.7
Jim Short WWA3191, 50 Hours in one Month 51.6
Christopher Dameron WWA3575. 25 Hours in one Month 38.9

Top Passenger Pilot
Al Stallbaumer WWA107 with 38.8 hrs flown and carried 2383 Passengers
Jim Short WWA3191 with 51.6 hrs flown and carried 2342 Passengers
Mike Jones WWA3381 with 23.0 hrs flown and carried 1851 Passengers
Christopher Dameron WWA3575 with 31.6 hrs flown and carried 1488 Passengers
Derek Gordon WWA2799 with 3.2 hrs flown and carried 150 Passengers
Robert Bower WWA3578 with 2.6 hrs flown and carried 55 Passengers

Top Cargo Pilot
Al Stallbaumer WWA107 with 29.9 hrs flown and carried 1,885,885 lbs of cargo.
Mike Jones WWA3381 with 31.7 hrs flown and carried 678,800 lbs of cargo.

Charter Pilots Report
Mike Jones WWA3381 with 25.2 hrs.
Daniel MacArthur WWA2432 with 6.0 hrs.

On-line Pilots
Christopher Dameron WWA3575 with 38.9 hrs.
Al StallbaumerWWA107 with 3.3 hrs.

Notice to all KATL Pilot's: Please log flight hours on the day you make the flight.
Flight logged after the 1st of the month will not show until next months report.
Also check your log on the flights you have completed, I do add remarks.

(Posted 5/30/2017)

Hub Stats and Reports

Hub Management

Al Stallbaumer, Hub Manager

Assistant Hub Manager Wanted…

Open Flight Dispatches

No active flights

Active Pilots

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Pilot # Pilot Name Rating Awards Hours Location
WWA107 Al Stallbaumer Senior Command Captain+9 5,864.0 San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California, USA (KSFO)
WWA2432 Daniel MacArthur Senior Command Captain+5 3,726.3 Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy (LIRF)
WWA1698 Bill Peterson Senior Command Captain+3 2,938.0 Pellston Regional Airport of Emmet County, Pellston, Michigan, USA (KPLN)
WWA1901 Mitch Worthington Senior Command Captain+2 2,476.1 Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (KCLE)
WWA3191 Jim Short Senior Command Captain+2 2,003.7 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL)
WWA3381 Mike Jones Senior Command Captain+1 1,805.6 Billard Municipal Airport, Topeka, Kansas, USA (KTOP)
WWA3335 Chris Gerhardstein Command Captain 896.8 Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Honshu, Japan (RJAA)
WWA2799 Derek Gordon Senior Captain 325.9 Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Ezeiza, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina (SAEZ)
WWA3575 Christopher Dameron Cat IV 187.2 Nantes Atlantique Airport, Bouguenais, France (LFRS)
WWA3578 Robert Bower Cat I   7.6 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL)
Total Hours 20,231.2  
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