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KDEN 2019 End Of Year Report

Greetings KDEN pilots!

2019 ended up being a great year for the Denver hub. Overall, the flight hours are greater than the year before across the board, so this is great news!
KDEN flew 2925 hours in 2018, and I set the goal for 2019 at a minimum of 2750. Well, thanks to everybody's hard work, we CRUSHED the goal AND
last year's numbers by flying 3285 TOTAL hours! That's about a 12.5 percent increase over last year and a 19.5 percent increase over the goal!

Here are the stats for KDEN in 2019:

Total Hours Flown: 3285 hours over 1134 flights
Total Pax Hours: 2194 hours over 746 flights
Total Cargo Hours: 456 hours over 165 flights
Total Cargo Charter Hours: 308 hours over 62 flights
Total Pax Charter Hours: 290 hours over 141 flights
Total Training Hours: 31 hours over 18 flights
Total Online Hours: 602.6 hours over 187 flights

Total Passengers Flown: 88,659 Pax delivered
Total Cargo Flown: 23,789,994 pounds hauled

KDEN received 4 new hire pilots in 2019.
10 KDEN pilots received a promotion at least once. Several pilots received multiple promotions in 2019.
Nearly ALL KDEN pilots received at least one Pilot Recognition award throughout the year.

Most Hours Flown by Pilot:

Top: Doug Addington WWA761 - 583 hrs over 147 flights
Runner up: Larry Horton WWA3241 - 408 hrs over 91 flights

Most Pax Flown by Pilot:

Top: Malcolm Meyer WWA71 - 17,344 Pax over 139 flights
R/U: Larry Horton WWA3241 - 11,924 Pax over 91 flights

Most Cargo Flown by Pilot:

Top: Doug Addington WWA 761 - 13,928,722 lbs over 112 flights
R/U: Doug Jackfert WWA3541 - 6,982,911 lbs over 72 flights

Top Charter Pilot:

Top: Michael Finn WWA1704 - 119 hrs over 79 flights
R/U: Doug Addington WWA761 - 66 hrs over 23 flights

Top Online Pilot:

Top: Larry Horton WWA3241 - 408 hrs over 91 flights
R/U: Brady McPeak WWA3614 - 67 hrs over 24 flights

Top Aircraft Flown:

Top: 737-800 - 354 hrs over 130 flights
R/U: 747-400ER - 351 hrs over 49 flights

Top Route Flown In/Out of KDEN: Resulted in a 3-way tie, 8 times each!

Rte 2803 DEN-ATL
Rte 2853 DEN-DFW
Rte 3742 DEN-LAX

These stats are simply outstanding. As always, I am truly humbled to have such a team of dedicated pilots on the roster. Thank you for all of your hard
work in 2019. I say we shoot for at least 3000 total hours in 2020, but I know you guys will show me up by doing more than that! Keep up the fantastic
work, and have a prosperous 2020!

Blue skies,


(Posted 1/5/2020)

December KDEN Hub Report

Greetings, and happy new year KDEN pilots!

2019 went out with a bang, and the Denver hub was no exception. Without fail, KDEN pilots posted some very impressive numbers to end the year with. A whopping
381 hours were flown! Outstanding! Thanks to all KDEN pilots who participated in the Christmas in Tahiti event in December!

Congratulations are in order for Captains Kevin Akst WWA1972 and Raul Nasr WWA3562 for celebrating 12 and 2 years of WestWind service, respectively. Thank you
gentlemen, for your time and dedication to our airline!

We celebrated a couple of promotions in December as well - Captain Doug Addington WWA761 promoted to Senior Command Captain, and Captain Brady McPeak
WWA3614 promoted to Cat IV. Three cheers for a job well done, gentlemen!

It was a very close race, but Captain Doug Addington WWA761 takes home the Pilot of the Month award for flying 83.4 hours in December!

Promotions (Congrats!)

Brady Mcpeak (WWA3614), Cat IV, 12/6/2019
Doug Addington (WWA761), Senior Command Captain, 12/13/2019

Pilot Recognition Awards

Kevin Akst (WWA1972), 12 Years of WestWind Service, 12/24/2019
Raul Nasr (WWA3562), 2 Years of WestWind Service, 12/10/2019
Brady Mcpeak (WWA3614), 25 Hours in one Month, 12/1/2019
Michael Finn (WWA1704), 25 Hours in one Month, 12/1/2019
Raye Johnson (WWA2866), 25 Hours in one Month, 12/2/2019
Raye Johnson (WWA2866), 50 Hours in one month, 12/2/2019
Doug Addington (WWA761), 25 Hours in one Month, 12/3/2019
Malcolm Meyer - DFW 2018 PILOT OF THE YEAR (WWA71), 25 Hours in one Month, 12/4/2019
Larry Horton (WWA3241), 25 Hours in one Month, 12/8/2019
Kevin Akst (WWA1972), Five Million Pounds, 12/24/2019
Tom Allison (WWA2311), 100 Hours In Aircraft Type (CRJ7), 12/25/2019
Steve Canham (WWA11), 100 Hours In Aircraft Type (DHC2), 12/30/2019

December totals:

Total Hours: 381
Pax Hours: 233
Cargo Hours: 27
Cargo Charter Hours: 25
Pax Charter Hours: 98
Training Hours: 0
Online (VATSIM): 72.3

(Posted 1/5/2020)

Denver International Parking

Passenger Terminal Parking: Gates W1 - W20.
Maintenance Ramp/Hangers: Dock 1 - 7.
Executive Charter Ramp Parking: E Parking 1 - 8.
Cargo Ramp Parking: N Parking 1 - 7.
Training Center Parking: NE Parking 1 - 8.

Denver Calm Wind:
(South calm) = Wind 13 knots or LESS from 080-260 degress clockwise, Arrive 16L, 16R, 17L, 17R. Depart 8, 25, and 17R.
(North calm) = Wind 13 knots or LESS from 260-080 degrees clockwise, Arrive 35L, 35R, 34L, 34R. Depart 8, 25, 34R, and 35L.
(West calm) = Wind 14 knots or MORE from 220-300 degrees clockwise, Arrive 26, 25. Depart 25, and 26.
(East calm) = Wind 14 knots or MORE 050-120 degrees clockwise, Arrive 7, 8. Depart 7, and 8

(Posted 4/4/2018)

Hub Stats and Reports

Hub Management

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Open Flight Dispatches

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Date Callsign Name Hub Purpose Flight # From To Dep Arr Aircraft
1/26/2020 WWA2594 Charles Swalberg KDEN Passenger WWA7745B KLBF KDEN 1134 1238 CRJ7
1/26/2020 WWA71 Malcolm Meyer - DFW 2018 PILOT OF THE YEAR KDEN Passenger WWA1793A KDEN KSMF 1805 2030 B738
1/26/2020 WWA71 Malcolm Meyer - DFW 2018 PILOT OF THE YEAR KDEN Passenger WWA1793B KSMF KDEN 2130 2350 B738

Active Pilots

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Pilot # Pilot Name Rating Awards Hours Location
WWA71 Malcolm Meyer - DFW 2018 PILOT OF THE YEAR Senior Command Captain+15 8,719.2 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA149 Sam Fragala Senior Command Captain+7 4,526.0 (KMD)
WWA11 Steve Canham Senior Command Captain+5 3,970.8 Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (PHNL)
WWA2311 Tom Allison Senior Command Captain+4 3,468.5 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA682 Danny Davis Senior Command Captain+4 3,352.5 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA (KDFW)
WWA2866 Raye Johnson Senior Command Captain+4 3,320.1 El Dorado International Airport, Bogota, Colombia (SKBO)
WWA1108 Brian Mills Senior Command Captain+3 2,754.7 Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town, South Africa (FACT)
WWA3241 Larry Horton Senior Command Captain+1 1,903.1 Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India (VIDP)
WWA1704 Michael Finn Senior Command Captain+1 1,686.1 Geneva International Airport, Geneva, Switzerland (LSGG)
WWA3238 Doug Phelps Senior Command Captain 1,361.3 (NFTA)
WWA3427 Anthony Hansel Senior Command Captain 1,111.5 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA761 Doug Addington Senior Command Captain 1,110.9 Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (PHNL)
WWA806 Alan Heiner Senior Command Captain 1,059.8 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA3541 Doug Jackfert Command Captain 968.4 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA2989 Kevin Devlin Command Captain 623.1 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA3562 Raul Nasr Command Captain 580.9 Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Ezeiza, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina (SAEZ)
WWA1972 Kevin Akst Command Captain 567.0 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA2594 Charles Swalberg Senior Captain 369.4 North Platte Regional Airport (Lee Bird Field), North Platte, Nebraska, USA (KLBF)
WWA3614 Brady Mcpeak Cat IV 168.3 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM)
WWA2343 Allen Daly Cat IV 149.0 Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida, USA (KMIA)
WWA3617 Derek Manzanares Cat I   154.4 Durango-La Plata County Airport, Durango, Colorado, USA (KDRO)
Total Hours 41,924.7  
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