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August KDEN Hub Report

Greetings KDEN pilots!

August was a hot month in Denver, and I'm not just talking about the weather! 190 total hours were flown, which isn't too shabby considering how nice it was outside!
Great job everybody. The season will be changing soon, just in time for some much needed cooler weather. Remember, fall colors happen early in the high Rockies,
so take advantage and try out a scenic charter flight to one of the mountain airports like Leadville, Telluride, Aspen or even Durango!

In other hub news, hurricane season is upon us in full swing. At the time of writing, hurricane Dorian is threatening the eastern coast of Florida and the Carolinas, so
I'm asking all Denver pilots and their families to be safe. Also, consider hauling a load of cargo and relief supplies to the areas in need. It's a great way to get the cargo
hours up, and boxes and pallets don't complain if the ride is too bumpy! Use the cargo charter C044 Disaster Relief Supplies when signing out and filing your PIREP.
As the main cargo hub for WestWind, it's up to US to get all that cargo out for distribution. Thanks in advance for your help!

Captain Anthony Hansel WWA3427 celebrated 5 years of service to WestWind in August! Congratulations, and thank you for your time and dedication to WestWind
and to the Denver hub!

Captain Doug Jackfert WWA3541 is awarded the Pilot of the Month award for flying 33.2 hours during the month of August. Well done!

Also, how about a round of applause for Captain Dennis Dennison WWA3601 for promoting to a Cat IV rating? Congrats, Dennis!

Total Hours: 190
Pax Hours: 155
Cargo Hours: 25
Cargo Charter Hours: 4
Pax Charter Hours: 4
Training Hours: 0
Online (VATSIM): 60.6

New Hires

No new hires during this period

Promotions (Congratulations!)

Dennis Dennison (WWA3601), Cat IV, 8/20/2019

Pilot Recognition Awards

Larry Horton (WWA3241), 25 Hours in one Month, 8/1/2019
Anthony Hansel (WWA3427), 5 Years of WestWind Service, 8/2/2019
Doug Jackfert (WWA3541), 100 Hours In Aircraft Type (A321), 8/2/2019
Doug Jackfert (WWA3541), 25 Hours in one Month, 8/2/2019
Malcolm Meyer - DFW 2018 PILOT OF THE YEAR (WWA71), 50 Hours in one month, 8/17/2019
Rudy Sanchez (WWA2195), 100 Hours In Aircraft Type (A320), 8/17/2019

Blue skies,


(Posted 9/1/2019)

Denver International Parking

Passenger Terminal Parking: Gates W1 - W20.
Maintenance Ramp/Hangers: Dock 1 - 7.
Executive Charter Ramp Parking: E Parking 1 - 8.
Cargo Ramp Parking: N Parking 1 - 7.
Training Center Parking: NE Parking 1 - 8.

Denver Calm Wind:
(South calm) = Wind 13 knots or LESS from 080-260 degress clockwise, Arrive 16L, 16R, 17L, 17R. Depart 8, 25, and 17R.
(North calm) = Wind 13 knots or LESS from 260-080 degrees clockwise, Arrive 35L, 35R, 34L, 34R. Depart 8, 25, 34R, and 35L.
(West calm) = Wind 14 knots or MORE from 220-300 degrees clockwise, Arrive 26, 25. Depart 25, and 26.
(East calm) = Wind 14 knots or MORE 050-120 degrees clockwise, Arrive 7, 8. Depart 7, and 8

(Posted 4/4/2018)

Hub Stats and Reports

Hub Management

Brian Mills, Hub Manager

Assistant Hub Manager Wanted…

Open Flight Dispatches

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Active Pilots

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Pilot # Pilot Name Rating Awards Hours Location
WWA71 Malcolm Meyer - DFW 2018 PILOT OF THE YEAR Senior Command Captain+15 8,561.8 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA149 Sam Fragala Senior Command Captain+7 4,515.5 Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (KPHX)
WWA11 Steve Canham Senior Command Captain+5 3,934.1 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA2311 Tom Allison Senior Command Captain+4 3,449.5 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA682 Danny Davis Senior Command Captain+4 3,334.4 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA (KDFW)
WWA2866 Raye Johnson Senior Command Captain+4 3,205.3 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA1108 Brian Mills Senior Command Captain+3 2,650.8 Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage, Alaska, USA (PANC)
WWA2195 Rudy Sanchez Senior Command Captain+1 1,786.2 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Cengkareng), Tangerang (Jakarta), Banten, Indonesia (WIII)
WWA3241 Larry Horton Senior Command Captain+1 1,704.1 Doha International Airport, Doha, Qatar (OTBD)
WWA1704 Michael Finn Senior Command Captain+1 1,571.3 Geneva International Airport, Geneva, Switzerland (LSGG)
WWA3238 Doug Phelps Senior Command Captain 1,347.4 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA3427 Anthony Hansel Senior Command Captain 1,072.7 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA3541 Doug Jackfert Command Captain 847.2 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA761 Doug Addington Command Captain 845.9 Singapore Changi Airport/Changi Air Base, Changi, Singapore (WSSS)
WWA3562 Raul Nasr Command Captain 551.9 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL)
WWA3601 Dennis Dennison Cat IV   201.4 Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA (KDEN)
WWA2343 Allen Daly Cat IV 132.0 Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida, USA (KMIA)
WWA3604 Jacob Rhyne Cat I   7.0 Colorado Springs Airport, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (KCOS)
Total Hours 39,718.4  
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