Pilot Satisfaction Survey - October 2007

The results are in!

WestWind's management created the Pilot Satisfaction Survey, the first survey since March of last year, so that we could listen to your ideas and continue to improve the airline. As the name implies, satisfaction is our measure of success, unlike a real airline with real profit. But in our hobby, we must remember that satisfaction is measured differently by each of us and WestWind has been successful because we have offered choices.

This survey, which began on September 25th, lasted for 1 month and approximately half of you responded. We had hoped for better participation, but the hundreds of comments received are very enlightening and mostly positive. As the management continues to digest the results, we invite you to do the same and follow up with your comments in the WestWind forum.

But remember - This is not a REAL AIRLINE. Let's not get too serious!

Steve Canham
President and CEO
WestWind Airlines

Unedited Survey Results:

Surveys Completed: 151

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I receive regular correspondence (email updates, news letter, etc.) from my Hub Manager. View Results
I receive timely responses from my Hub Manager to my questions and concerns.
Please select "Not Applicable" if you have never contacted your HM with questions or concerns.
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WestWind Management is responsive to the ideas of the pilots.
In this context, "WestWind Management" refers to managers other than Hub Managers (or AHMs): Executive Committee members, VPs, and Directors.
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