WestWind Flight Log Comments

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6/20/2019 5:22:53 AM

Passenger, KDFW -> SCEL, B77L, Off-Line, 9.0 hours

Fuel burned: 151341 lbs.

Dan Ward
Senior Command Captain+8, KLAX

6/20/2019 5:22:47 AM

Cargo, PANC -> PAOM, DC91, VATSIM, 1.5 hours

Alaska solstice

Scott D. Williams
Senior Command Captain+6, KMIA

6/19/2019 10:11:03 PM

-1, -> , , Off-Line, 150.0 hours

Approved as submitted and verified on this date

Dallas Manning

6/19/2019 6:46:54 PM

Charter-Passenger, NSTU -> PLCH, B752, Off-Line, 3.6 hours

Project Fly Landing Rate -178

Sean McConnell
Senior Command Captain, KJFK

6/19/2019 6:28:29 PM

Passenger, PANC -> PAOM, B350, VATSIM, 2.8 hours

This was a positioning flight and getting me out to Nome. Arrived Nome at 4:00 PM local time in Alaska. I'm sitting on the ramp at Nome. We will be looking at our stuff to see what is what. Overall a good flight as the weather in Southern Alaska was really bad.

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain+1, KLAX

6/19/2019 4:50:25 PM

Passenger, YBBN -> YPPH, B748, VATSIM, 5.4 hours

Strong 90knot headwinds encountered.

Ron Oines
Senior Command Captain+21, CYYC

6/19/2019 1:14:54 PM

Passenger, KLAX -> KLMT, CRJ9, VATSIM, 1.5 hours

Great flight, lots of traffic and ATC part of flight.

Chris Cramblet - KORD Hub Manager
Command Captain, KORD

6/19/2019 1:08:29 PM

Passenger, KDEN -> PANC, B738, VATSIM, 6.1 hours

Good flight up to Anchorage, departing Denver early my am with rain. Arrived anchorage at 11:30 local time en-route to the Nome Solstice event venue. Overall, this was a really fun flight. I'm taking the King Air out to Nome and will be launching soon. Good Overall flight.

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain+1, KLAX

6/19/2019 11:41:08 AM

Charter-Passenger, HECA -> OTBD, B350, Off-Line, 4.6 hours

ATW group flight catch up again.

David Reason
Senior Command Captain+2, KCVG

6/19/2019 9:03:36 AM

Passenger, KELD -> KSHV, B190, Off-Line, 1.0 hours

DEP RWY 35, Cruise ALT 14KFT, TFC MIN, ARR ILS RWY 32. Weather - KELD 191438Z 1915/2012 15010KT P6SM VCTS SCT040 OVC100CB FM191700 14012G20KT P6SM SCT100 BKN250 FM200300 18008KT P6SM VCTS BKN040CB FM200800 21005KT P6SM SCT050 BKN150 BKN250 KSHV 191430Z 1915/2012 13008KT P6SM SCT020 OVC100 FM191700 23010KT P6SM SCT035 BKN250 FM200000 21009KT P6SM BKN250 FM200400 20010KT P6SM VCTS BKN040CB FM200700 VRB06KT P6SM SCT080 BKN150 BKN25

L.N. Yarbrough
Senior Command Captain+2, KDFW

6/19/2019 6:14:43 AM

Charter-Passenger, OEPA -> OMDL, C172, Off-Line, 3.5 hours

Charter P268 Around the World in a Single Engine Plane

Al Stallbaumer HM KATL
Senior Command Captain+11, KATL

6/18/2019 10:49:54 PM

Cargo, LFML -> EDDF, B738, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

WW Cargo support while awaiting HASS F1 support.

Doug Addington
Command Captain, KDEN

6/18/2019 10:48:28 PM

Charter-Passenger, KOKM -> KTUL, P28R, VATSIM, 0.6 hours

actual aircraft, spartan executive. borrowed from a rich uncle

Bill Ienatsch
Senior Command Captain+8, KORD

6/18/2019 6:05:28 PM

Cargo, KMEM -> KCLT, B722, Off-Line, 1.7 hours

Great landing. Nice dusk flight into KCLT. Landed Rwy 18C and taxied over to cargo area. Burned 9550 lbs of fuel (~6700pph)

Cory Robinson
Senior Captain, KATL

6/18/2019 5:12:39 PM

Passenger, PASK -> Z81, C208, VATSIM, 1.2 hours

Last flight of he day, no ATC. Larry

Larry Horton
Senior Command Captain+1, KDEN

6/18/2019 2:02:49 PM

Passenger, PASC -> PASK, C208, VATSIM, 2.4 hours

Good flight, no atc, gravel rwy. Larry

Larry Horton
Senior Command Captain+1, KDEN

6/18/2019 1:16:22 PM

Passenger, KBOS -> TJSJ, B738, Off-Line, 3.9 hours


Jim Boerman
Senior Command Captain+25, KMIA

6/18/2019 11:56:22 AM

Passenger, PABR -> AK15, C208, VATSIM, 1.5 hours

Nice flight, lot of clouds on approach , ILS landing at BARROW No ATC, LARRY

Larry Horton
Senior Command Captain+1, KDEN

6/18/2019 11:39:02 AM

Passenger, KLAW -> KELD, SWM, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

DEP RWY 35, Cruise ALT 17KFT, TFC MIN, ARR ILS RWY 22. Weather - KLAW 181128Z 1812/1912 16005KT P6SM SCT250 FM181900 18010G18KT P6SM SCT050 FM182300 15009KT P6SM SCT050 PROB30 1906/1910 4SM TSRA BKN040CB KELD 181352Z 1814/1912 23005KT P6SM SCT030 TEMPO 1814/1816 SCT005 BKN020 FM181600 24006KT P6SM SCT040 TEMPO 1816/1818 BKN035 FM190100 00000KT P6SM FEW250

L.N. Yarbrough
Senior Command Captain+2, KDFW

6/18/2019 5:15:20 AM

Charter-Passenger, OESK -> OEPA, C172, Off-Line, 2.8 hours

Charter P268 Around the World in a Single Engine Plane

Al Stallbaumer HM KATL
Senior Command Captain+11, KATL

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