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4/23/2018 9:00:53 PM

Passenger, CYYZ -> CYYC, B739, VATSIM, 4.1 hours


David Manson
Senior Captain, CYYC

4/23/2018 7:57:08 PM

Charter-Passenger, CYYC -> KDEN, B738, VATSIM, 2.4 hours

Departed CYYC on RWY17L via the YYC6 departure and was able to turn pretty much almost directly on course on takeoff. We were able to climb to FL370 and had a very healthy tail wind on this flight. No major issues other then attempting to get the INS navigation system to activate and align correctly. Was able to push and depart a little early, and had VATSIM control on the approach into Denver. Landed visually on RWY35L, and I need to practice making visual approaches in the 737-800. It was not a pretty approach....

Mark Kusiak
Senior Command Captain, KLAX

4/23/2018 6:11:29 PM

Charter-Passenger, KTUL -> KBLV, B190, Off-Line, 1.9 hours

Landed in rain with 5 mi vis RW 32L

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain, KSLC

4/23/2018 4:08:36 PM

Charter-Passenger, KRIC -> KCLT, GLF5, Off-Line, 1.1 hours

Return flight from Richmond to Charlotte. Heavy thunderstorms on arrival necessitated ILS to Rwy 05

Stephen Newby

4/23/2018 3:18:35 PM

Passenger, HTDA -> FALE, B744, VATSIM, 3.6 hours


Ron Oines
Senior Command Captain+18, CYYC

4/23/2018 2:23:50 PM

Cargo, KLIT -> KMYR, B738, Off-Line, 1.7 hours

ILS 18 rain-big left crosswind

Scott D. Williams
Senior Command Captain+5, KMIA

4/23/2018 1:41:17 PM

Passenger, CYYZ -> DNMM, B773, Off-Line, 12.4 hours

Bound for Nigeria, arriving almost 2 hours behind schedule

Martin Taylor
Senior Command Captain+3, EGLL

4/23/2018 12:57:11 PM

Passenger, KORD -> KPWM, E45X, VATSIM, 2.0 hours

Was notified by ATC that the proper AC identifier is WEW and not WWA?¿?

David Jones

4/23/2018 12:20:28 PM

Charter-Passenger, KAUS -> KRBD, DH8D, Off-Line, 1.0 hours

DEP RWY 32L, WX PC, Cruise ALT 17KFT, TFC MIN, ARR ILS RWY 31L. In support of US Secret Service return crew supporting the Bush family burial detail(s).

L.N. Yarbrough
Senior Command Captain+1, KDFW

4/23/2018 12:18:45 PM

Passenger, CYYC -> CYYZ, B739, VATSIM, 3.5 hours

ILS06R Sim crashed after landing, was not able to submit thru ACARS.

David Manson
Senior Captain, CYYC

4/23/2018 11:01:19 AM

Charter-Passenger, KMDD -> KTUL, B190, Off-Line, 1.9 hours

smooth flight with good takeoff and landing RW 36L

Michael Finn
Senior Command Captain, KSLC

4/23/2018 10:59:04 AM

Charter-Passenger, YMML -> YMHB, BE58, Off-Line, 1.9 hours

Arrived visual Rwy30

David Reason
Senior Command Captain+2, KCVG

4/23/2018 8:35:09 AM

Maintenance/Test Flight, KJFK -> KEDW, A318, Multiplayer, 6.1 hours

John F. Kennedy Int'l -&rt NASA/Dryden Research Center - Edwards AFB, Edwards CA Retest Test of A-318 Changes to Flap setup. Per Discussion: Problem with A320-321 in Forums. Revamping all Airbuses, Per Volunteer for Temporary Assignment.

Nathaniel Miller
Senior Command Captain+9, KLAX

4/23/2018 7:10:37 AM

Charter-Passenger, KVLA -> KLOT, BE58, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

Vandalia IL to Chicago IL. Good flight with a bit of a hard landing; entered pattern left downwind RW 09.

Alan Morris
Senior Command Captain+3, KORD

4/23/2018 12:38:05 AM

Maintenance/Test Flight, KEDW -> KJFK, A318, Multiplayer, 6.2 hours

NASA/Dryden Research Center - Edwards AFB, Edwards CA -&rt John F. Kennedy (Flap and stress test recheck) Landed at KJFK, after long range stress test and flap deployment.

Nathaniel Miller
Senior Command Captain+9, KSFO

4/23/2018 12:20:16 AM

Passenger, EICK -> EGLL, B722, Off-Line, 1.4 hours

Had a great flight with exact block times achieved.

Pierre Maré
Command Captain, EGLL

4/22/2018 10:37:58 PM

Passenger, KMIA -> TJSJ, B738, Off-Line, 2.4 hours

T/O rwy 8L KMIA, smooth ride. Landing ILS 8 TJSJ, gate 5

Keith Higa

4/22/2018 6:02:17 PM

Passenger, EDDF -> KIAH, B744, Off-Line, 10.4 hours

Pushed at 1135z wheels up at 1145z.

Michael Mondragon
Senior Command Captain+5, KSEA

4/22/2018 5:09:06 PM

Passenger, KJFK -> KMVY, B717, Off-Line, 1.2 hours

Wonderful flight (maiden voyage in my newly loaded Narrow Body B717-200 - new to FSX for me, that is!). Great flight!!

James L. Dean
Senior Command Captain+1, KCVG

4/22/2018 5:01:29 PM

Passenger, KDEN -> KSEA, B738, Off-Line, 2.6 hours

Nice flight back to the new Home Hub. A little turbulence coming down from 28000 over the cascades but a nice landing in KSEA.

Ronald Fuller
Command Captain, KSEA

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