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WestWind's Brown Boot Recreation Center

WestWind's Brown Boot Recreation Center

Brown Boot Field (KGE1), Medina, Texas

WestWind Airlines Vacation Resort and Meeting Center

This package contains a fictional location in the Hill Country of Texas about 25NM east of San Antonio. It is located on Lake Medina, nestled up against a shortbluff to the east to block those cold Gulf winds in the winter and bordered onthe west by the lake itself.

Brown Boot Field (KGE1), elev. 1028 ft., located 23 NM west of San Antonio(close enough to fly into town for dinner on the Riverwalk) and 80 NM fromAustin (close enough to catch some great live music, maybe Willie, on SixthStreet after dinner) in the Texas Hill Country. This 50 acre plot of lakefrontproperty was built by the ATX board as a company vacation retreat as well as ameeting facility for planning, paid for on the backs of the hard working pilotsof ATX.

The runway is 1280 x 80 ft and it with the taxiways and ramp are all gravel withexcellent drainage. There are three T Hangars; Garen's is the one on the rightwith the tool box in it. There is also hand pumped 100LL in drums on the Eastside of the ramp, but don't overfill it before you get used to this runway. Tothe West is flat (the lake) and an easy approach and take off; to the East is ashort bluff and trees you must clear, so make sure you've got your slow flightand short field take off/landing technique down pat. There is also a seaplaneramp leading to the beach so you don't have to leave your float plane in thewater all night. Runway and taxiway is lighted at night and there is a compasslocator (short range NDB) on the field for nav, and there is a textual approachprocedure of sorts for those who insist on flying in that crappy weather. Thereis a helipad to the west of the ramp.

There are suites for staff and pilots (families welcome when we're not using itfor meetings) north of the hangars; staff suites is the building closest to thewater. Also to the North and West is a livestock barn with horses for riding andmilk cows for fresh milk and cheese, made in the kitchen on the South side ofthe runway. I'm sure we also have chickens for fresh eggs but I don't have achicken macro. Near the barn and livestock pens is the BBQ area with a pit,picnic tables, and volley ball courts and horseshoe pits. And nearby is acamping area for the kids with pup tents and a campfire that lights up afterdusk. Also on the South side of the runway is the conference rooms (thatconverts to a small bar with a juke box at night) and a warehouse for storage.

Now don't shoot the deer outside the cabins; they are 'pet' deer and stay local,so we just gaze at them. Plenty of hunting just a few miles to the North. Takeone of the Land Rovers or Lincoln Navigators we keep there to get out to thedeer pasture; there's a map to it inside the conference building entrance on thebulletin board along with the code to the gate lock and a choice of a .240Magnum Weatherby or a .270 Remington, both with 10x scopes, or a couple of opensight Winchester Model 66 Centennial Gold Plated Edition rifles for those wholike to get close, and a selection of Bear bows and arrow equipment for theSharp Stick hunters, when in season. Be sure to take one of the .44 revolversand holster in case you run into a bunch of Javlina; what to do with the pistolwill become very obvious after first seeking high ground, usually a tree. Thereare also several 12 gauge shotguns for dove, quail, and varmit hunting in thegun locker of the storage shed and also use the deer pastures for this hunting.If you look in the back of the gun rack you'll find two .22 cal bolt actionrifles and two 4-10 shotguns for the kids to use. Our insurance does requirethey have a Texas Hunting Licence, which means they have attended a huntersafety course.

If you want to go fishing, grab one of the power boats at either dock; there isfishing equipment in the storage building and a worm bed behind the storagebuilding; you'll see it, grab the spade and a small bucket and pick as many asyou need. The approach end of Rwy 11 has a nice beach for swimming and canoesare also available; watch out for those old pilings; they have rusty nails inthem. If sailing is your passion then get the sails and other gear out of thewarehouse and have fun. Do watch out for landing aircraft, wheeled and float.

FSX WestWind's Brown Boot Recreation Center

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