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WestWind Artificial Intelligent Traffic (Update)


WestWind is an internationally recognized airline, but in FS2004 there is no company traffic. This project aims at adding company traffic to your computer with over 820 WestWind daily flights from all of our major HUBS. The installer will install the AI flights and AIA & PAI WestWind aircraft. Performance on your system will depend on the percentage of AI aircraft and the amount of parking available. I did not include any AFCAD2 parking or any of the WestWind scenery. If you want these items then you will need to download them yourself. There are many good AFCAD2 files for WestWind HUBs available online. If you want WWA aircraft to find there own special parking slots then you will need to edit the AFCAD file and edit the parking slots with WWA for WestWind Airlines and WestWind Express and WWC for WestWind Cargo.

NEW Version 1.1 WestWind's AI traffic can be used in Squawkbox 3. Download the file below and extract the contents into your Squawkbox3 folder. Make sure you enable use folders when you unzip to place the file in the correct location. While this will not represent every aircraft in WestWind's fleet it does provide for some of the more popular aircraft. Some aircraft are alised, i.e. the 737-400 represents our entire 737 line and the A320 will stand in for the A318, A319, A320 and the A321. I choose this method so our painters could provide more aircraft. This file is untested and built based upon theory of operation. Please record all errors to

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