WTC - Initial Training

Session Three: Circuit Training

Position the Aircraft in the vicinity of the WTC Terminal Building. The aircraft should be parked with the Engines Shut down.

Start-Up and Taxi:

Obtain the current ATIS, perform a standard Engine Start, and taxi the aircraft from the parking position towards the active Runway.

Taxi to the duty runway and hold short. Perform you pre-take-off checks and when ready, check for traffic and line up on the active runway.

Take Off:

Conduct a normal take-off according to the Flight Operations Manual and remain in the Traffic Pattern (Circuit).

Standard Circuits:

Conduct a series of "touch and go’s" until you feel comfortable with them.

On these "touch and go’s" (page 842 for the CRJ-700 FOM) it is permissible to use approach flaps only.

You may wish to combine these "touch and go’s" with the use of an ILS approach.

Vary the wind conditions during your circuits for additional experience.

Asymmetric Circuits:

Once you are comfortable with these exercises, move the power leaver of one engine to idle on the downwind leg.

Fly the "engine out" approach as dictated in the POH and at 200 feet above ground (5,632 feet on your altimeter), execute a missed approach.

Once you are happy with the "engine out go around" procedures and "engine out" approaches, make a full stop landing, taxi to the WestWind Terminal, and secure the aircraft.

This concludes Session Three and your Initial Type Rating. If you still don't feel comfortable, continue practicing until you do.

Otherwise, it is time to take your first Virtual Check Flight.

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