iFDG McDonnell Douglas MD-11
For Microsoft FS2004

Last Updated March 18, 2006

iFDG McDonnell Douglas MD-11

This aircraft is made by iFDG (international Flightsim Design Group),
For more information visit their homepage at http://www.ifdg.net

Model & FDE : Albaro Villegas
Master textures : Ben Jones
Testing : The MD-11 Beta Team
Livery : Ben Jones
Documentation : Albaro Villegas and Basten Heidema

WestWind Repaint By Kim Stolt

 This aircraft has NOT been tested in FS2002.


Click here to download the MD-11

NOTAM: This aircraft was updated on 11 January 2006. Uninstall your old aircraft prior to installing this updated aircraft.

WestWind recommends Alain Captain's ACS panel for the MD-11 available on his website at: http://www.acsoft.com or www.flightsim.com search for ACS.

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