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Salt Lake City Fly-in

Sunday October 15, 2006 fly from any location in the world to Salt Lake City

Lets all visit the cross roads of the west out at Salt Lake Country. So let Utah be your destination from any location in the world.

Besides we need to celebrate the expansion of SLC HUB, as some of WestWind pilots, including your fearless online Chief  transfered to SLC


Date Sunday, October 15, 2006
Times (UTC) 23:00-02:00
Eastern Local Time (EDT) 19:00-22:00
Central Local Time (CDT) 18:00-21:00
Mountain Local Time (MDT) 17:00-20:00
Pacific Local Time (PDT) 16:00-19:00

Flight Plan & Downloads

Aircraft for this Fly-In

Aircraft type: No restrictions

Flight plans for this Fly-In

Flight plans:

Downloads for this Fly-In


Charts & Reference

Charts for Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake City Center Web Site:

Special Instructions

  1. Advise Controller on Initial Contact you have current ATIS Information (if applicable)
  2. Our callsign is WWAxxxx for all flights (xxxx = 4 digit WWAL ID number). If flying cargo, please just mention this in your flight plan. Thanks!
  3. Please write "West Wind Airlines" in the SB Remarks Box. If you are using voice write "/v/West Wind Airlines". If you have charts, say, "/v/West Wind Airlines/Charts"