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Seeing WestWind Liveries with SquawkBox 3

If you are a VATSIM pilot using the SquawkBox 3 client software, you can see your fellow WestWind pilots in good old WestWind red, white, and blue by following these easy steps:

  1. Download and install the WestWind Airlines AI Traffic Installer. This installer installs AI aircraft and flights for off-line flying, but the AI models and liveries will also be used to display WestWind aircraft on VATSIM.
  2. Download the WWAL Traffic for SquawkBox 3 file and unzip the contents to a temporary folder. The zip file contains a folder named aircraft, which contains one file named WWA_Version_1_1.sms. You will have to copy this file to the aircraft folder under the SquawkBox 3 installation folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\SquawkBox3\aircraft if you installed SB3 to your C drive). You should already have two other files in that folder: sbx.sms and vip.sms.
  3. Start FS9 and start SquawkBox 3.
  4. Select "Options" from the SquawkBox menu and click on the Multiplayer tab. You should see "WestWind Airlines (WWA) SB3 Model Set" listed in the Model Set Order Preference list.
    SB3 Multiplayer Options Tab
    You may want to move the WestWind model set higher in the list. It appears that when the WestWind model set is the last one in the list, and none of the higher ordered model sets contains an appropriate model for another aircraft, then SquawkBox will use one of the WestWind models, complete with WestWind livery.
  5. Set the airline for your aircraft to "WestWind Airlines" to tell other Squawbox clients to display your aircraft in WestWind livery using the WWAL AI model. This is done by editing the aircraft description for each aircraft in your aircraft list.
    SB3 Aircraft Description Dialog
    Unfortunately, if the other pilots on VATSIM have not installed the WestWind AI Traffic they will still see your aircraft with the default VIP livery and model.
  6. Now, whenever you connect to VATSIM, simply check the connection dialog to make sure you have the desired aircraft selected with airline set to "WestWind Airlines":
    SB3 Connect Dialog

Note that while it is not necessary for other WestWind pilots to have installed the WWAL AI Traffic in order for you to see them in WestWind livery, they must at least change the airline for their aircraft to "WestWind" in order for your SquawkBox client to display the aircraft in WestWind colors.

Thanks to Ken G. for creating the WestWind AI Traffic and SquawkBox SMS file!